Zeal's Abacus is a suite of API endpoints to aid in employee and employer payroll tax calculations. The current state of the API suite includes the main calculator endpoint as well as a variety of utility endpoints to query Pay Type codes, Tax Type codes, and employee and employer tax parameters, as well as validate taxable addresses.

This section will go over the important aspects calculator's Request Object to help you get started.

The Calculator Request Object for the Abacus Salary Calculator fundamentally consists of four components:

  1. Taxable Locations
    Real physical addresses used for residency or work locations
     "street1": "some street",
     "street2": "some apartment",
     "city": "some city",
     "state": "CA",
     "zip": "94103"
  1. Wage Components
    Wages and its pay type earned at a taxable location. You must include a valid pay type which you can query here and use a valid address which you can verify here
    "payType": "REG",            
    "amount": 10000,            
    "location":  {                
            "street1": "1 Ferry Building",               
            "street2": "",                
            "city": "San Francisco",                
            "state": "CA",                
            "zip": "94111"            
  1. Tax Parameters
    Lists of employee and employer tax parameters based on jurisdiction. The system will use default values for missing tax parameters and you can request full tax parameter definitions endpoints for employees here and employers here
    "jurisdiction": "US",                
    "code": "FILINGSTATUS",                
    "value": "H"            
  1. Past Withholdings
    An array of paid employee and employer tax types and withholding amounts. The calculator will not recalculate taxes if any past tax types are missing. You can request a list of tax types by jurisdiction here.
    "amount": 2000,
    "taxType": "FICA_SocialSecurity_EE"